Grow on yourself

To be honest I don’t even know if there’s such a thing as “grow on yourself”, but even if it isn’t proper English, for some reason, you know what I mean. Everyone is always telling us to love ourselves, and we hear and read a lot of stories of people that love themselves. Everything seems so easy, right?
It’s easy to love yourself when you’re proud of something that you did, it’s easy when you dressed up and put some makeup to go out, it’s easy when you feel like queen of the world for some reason. But what about those times when you’re disappointed with yourself, lost, disorganized, sad, angry? You should love yourself when it comes to those times, too!
You should treat yourself as your best friend, because YOU ARE your best friend. You are the person who you spend the most time with, you are the person who sees you at your very best and worse, and you are the person who should love you the most. I know it’s hard, I’ve been trying for so long. But you have to try and work on it every day. Every time you start putting yourself down start thinking if you would ever do that to someone you love. Would you tell your best friend that she looks ugly? Would you tell your mom that she is a failure?
I hope this message will make you think at least a little bit about how you’ve been treating yourself. We are in this together.



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