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Last week Arin and I went to a road trip to Edmonton to visit his family. They’d planned a nice event to celebrate our wedding, we had a lot of food, drinks and… people.
I was so nervous because that was my first time meeting most of people there and it was very overwhelming in the beginning, but I managed it after a few glasses of wine. I didn’t get a lot of photos because 1 – I was nervous 2 – I was tipsy 3 – I didn’t want to…
Well, this is one photo that I have from that day. No photos with all the people, only with Arin’s parents and sister:

Arin, me, Arin’s parents and sister

After a week in Edmonton we drove to Jasper for a big family reunion. At this point I wasn’t nervous anymore because I already knew everyone that would be there.
Just a reminder: ALWAYS have a swimsuit, sandals and beach towels with you. If you have a car leave it in the trunk, it can come in handy. I don’t swim (not because I don’t like it, but because I don’t know how) so I never remember to do that. We visited a lake in Jasper and I was wishing all the time that I had my swimsuit with me.
Anyways, our way to Jasper was not as long as our way to Edmonton. We got there in time for dinner and played some games before going to bed.

Driving to Jasper, AB

On Saturday we had a potluck and I only regret not eating more. Tip: don’t drink beer while you eat because it makes you full faster and… who wants to be full faster, right? Let the drink for later, or have some wine instead. Or vodka.
I don’t have photos of the food (I wish) but I do have some photos from that evening.

Arin’s cousins

Us <3 I still can’t get over my round face in this photo

Saturday started well with bagels, coffee and an amazing view. Arin’s parents took us for a flight on the SkyTram. To be really honest I hated the flight there and back because it was just SO packed. I remember when I did the same thing in Rio and it was so chill, only around seven people in each flight and you could actually sit. In Jasper there was like over twenty people in one flight, no kidding. No one could move. That’s how bad it was.
To be fair it was worth it when we got to the top because the view was just amazing. Now I do have a bunch of pics! Yay!


Titanic because why not?

On Sunday Arin and I had the day to ourselves, which was great after so many days surrounded by people. We went to Jasper Lake and it was absolutely amazing. First because you can walk across the lake, it is so shallow and the water is so clear, it’s really unbelievable. Arin took so many great photos of me to make it up for all the times he didn’t Haha. He’s just the best.

I know. It’s a lot of photos.
Now, photos with the love of my life!

After the lake we went to a pub and had a few beers and POUTINEEEE!

That’s it! On Monday we drove back to Vancouver and I have to tell you, there’s no better sensation than sleeping in your own bed, showering in your own shower, eating in your own kitchen. I love being at home!


6 thoughts on “Road Trip – Edmonton + Jasper, AB | Canada

  1. Auntie Jan

    Nicole, it was great meeting you. Your write-up was super. Now we know how you really felt at the get together, lol. It’s amazing what wine can do. Seiously, you were a lot of fun and we hope to see more of you guys. It was a pleasure for Eric and I to host your party at our place. Take care of our Arin and love him to bits and pieces.

    1. Nicole PaduaNicole Padua Post author

      Auntie Jan, I can’t believe you read this post <3 but I'm glad you did. It was great meeting you too, and I can't wait to see you again! I promise I'll always take care of him. Thank you for everything, we love you!

  2. Kendra

    Thanks for adding me to this page so I could see this ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I don’t get to see Arin much anymore, as we’ve grown up and went down our own separate paths.. I truly didn’t know what he was like anymore!! (Other than the fact that he had a red VW lol 😉) But wow, did I ever enjoy you!!!! Now I know he’s still super cool and literally picked the best girl to be his wife! You are so down to earth and cool and I will definitely be visiting and hope you come visit more ❤️❤️❤️❤️ WELCOME TO THE FAM!

    1. Nicole PaduaNicole Padua Post author

      Kendra, thank you so much for your words <3 it was great meeting you and I seriously hope you come to Vancouver to visit us!
      Thank you again for being such an amazing cousin already <3


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