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Vegetarianism | Veganism – Why?

I’m not a vegetarian but lately I’ve been trying to eat less meat, I think the little you can do is better than nothing. When I started getting interested in the subject I watched a TED Talk that changed how I saw vegetarianism/veganism, I used to think of these lifestyles as being very extreme.
But hey, what we forget is that we DO NOT have to label ourselves. Again, the little we can do is better than nothing. I haven’t eaten meat in 90% of my meals this past week and I’m feeling great, besides that I’m less bloated and have more energy. I’m even losing weight!

One thing you have to have in mind is that the more fruits, vegetables and grains you eat the better. I am not relying on cheese, bread, eggs, milk or dairy in general. What I’m doing is trying to be healthier, and in my mind being healthier does not include any of these kind of products.
I do not avoid them either, I have been eating EVERYTHING I want if I make some recipe that includes certain ingredients. The secret is BALANCE.
I don’t have anything against eating meat, I don’t get sick when I see it, I don’t mind cooking it for Arin (he’s not in the whole vegetarian thing with me). I just decided to help the planet a little bit doing what I can. And it is not just about the animals! The meat we eat affects the planet way more than you think. I’ll leave here two great documentaries that helped me seeing that:

This 2008 film, directed by Emmy award-winning filmmaker Robert Kenner, looks at the many dark sides of corporate farming in America. The first part of the film exposes the awful living conditions of chickens, cows, and pigs on factory farms. Food, Inc. is effective because it changes people perspective on meat from an object bought at a supermarket to a living thing. This may make viewers apply a different set of ethics when purchasing their meat and has already sparked several companies to be more transparent with how their meat is produced.”  Zimmermann, Tim.

Cowspiracy exposes how Big Meat is the number one destroyer of the environment through the use of unsustainable farming practices. It discusses impacts most people don’t associate with agriculture, such as deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions from food transportation and slaughter factories, and the long-term harm most pesticides have on the environment. It also shows just how much political red tape surrounds the problem by including interviews with industry whistleblowers, in which the whistleblowers discuss various threats against their career and life for spilling industry secrets. This film makes viewers realize that there is a business behind their food and how these businesses have complete disregard for the health of their customers and the planet.”  Zimmermann, Tim.

Think of vegetarianism and veganism as a way to expand your palate, discover new flavors and new ways to cook. Think of them as making yourself growing smarter and healthier when it comes to food and choices you make. You are in control of yourself and our future. Also, don’t forget to watch this:

Nicole Padua.